How To Withdraw Money From Skillz

Players that win tournaments in the games on the Skillz platform receive payment from Skillz. Given the diversity of games available and the regular addition of new games, there is a great chance that Skillz will come a long way. The more you play the games, the more likely it is that you’ll improve, which will make for tougher competition and larger stakes in tournaments. Even though taking on more risk can often lead to bigger rewards, there comes a time when you need to cash out. Here is a guide on how to withdraw money from Skillz.


A Guide On How To Withdraw Money From Skillz

By selecting Withdraw from the main menu after making a deposit and playing for real money, you can take your balance out at any moment. Withdrawals up to the total amount of your deposits will be processed using the same payment method as your deposit, either PayPal or a credit card, in the same order of deposits made. If you play from the United States, you will get a check, and if you play from another country, you will get a PayPal payment.

When Will I Get The Money I Withdraw

Although they often handle them much more quickly, players should plan on receiving their Skillz reward in 4-6 weeks. Because each withdrawal is individually processed by the gaming platform Skillz in order to maintain security, it could take some time. The withdrawal process is always being rushed by Skillz.

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Final Notes On Withdrawing Money From Skillz

You aren’t allowed to make new deposits while a withdrawal is pending, but you can reverse it and use the money for gaming instead. If you wish to cancel your withdrawal for any reason, you may do so using the Withdraw option, the same location from where you initially requested it.

Note: Please keep in mind that any withdrawals under $10 are subject to a $1.50 fee.


Skillz has introduced a dynamic feature that elevates the gaming experience: the ability to withdraw real money earnings. This comprehensive guide has provided a detailed roadmap on how to withdraw money from Skillz, shedding light on the steps, requirements, and considerations involved. As we conclude this journey, it’s crucial to reflect on the empowerment that comes with converting gaming success into tangible rewards.

FAQ: Skillz Payments and Withdrawals

1. How long does it take to receive money from Skillz?

The time it takes to receive money from Skillz can vary. Generally, once you’ve requested a withdrawal, it may take a few business days for the processing to be completed. The exact duration can depend on factors like payment method and any verification processes.

2. Does Skillz actually pay?

Yes, Skillz is a legitimate platform that pays out real money to players who win cash tournaments. If you’ve won prizes on the Skillz platform, you should receive the corresponding payouts based on the rules and guidelines of the specific game and tournament.

3. Is withdrawal take out money?

Yes, withdrawal involves taking out money from your Skillz account to transfer it to your chosen payment method. When you withdraw funds, you’re moving money from your Skillz account to your bank account, PayPal, or other preferred payment option.

4. How do I withdraw money from Pool Payday?

To withdraw money from Pool Payday, follow these steps:

  • Open the Skillz app.

  • Navigate to your account or wallet section.

  • Look for the withdrawal or cashout option.

  • Select your preferred payment method (e.g., PayPal or bank transfer).

  • Follow the provided instructions to initiate the withdrawal process.

5. How to get a refund from Skillz?

If you’re seeking a refund for a specific reason (e.g., accidental purchase or technical issue), you can usually contact Skillz customer support. They will guide you through the process and assess whether a refund is applicable based on their refund policy.

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