How to Play Skillz Dominoes Gold – The Full Guide

Grey Square Games’ Dominoes Gold is a mobile app version of the popular dominoes board game.

A traditional dominoes game is a great way to spend the time with family or friends while having a nice time. However, if you have a suitable mobile device and specific gaming applications, you may play this classic game from anywhere. And if your talents are excellent enough, you may be able to win real money with them.

So, how to play Skillz dominoes gold? You compete against other players for actual rewards, such as items, gift cards, or money, in Dominoes Gold. Examine the game’s mechanics to see whether it’s a suitable match for you to supplement your income.

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What is Skillz Dominoes Gold?

Dominoes Gold is a game that can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices and the Galaxy Store for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Grey Square Games, a Philadelphia-based firm, developed the game. Grey Square is also the designer of the famous gin rummy game Gin Rummy Gold, which is available on the App Store.

The Skillz platform is used to operate Dominoes Gold. Skillz is a mobile games platform that uses gaming tournaments to bring together a global community of gamers. Dominoes Gold can offer its players cash tournaments and the chance to win real-world prizes thanks to Skillz. Skillz has conducted billions of tournaments and awarded millions of dollars in prizes to its participants. Blackout Bingo, Solitaire Cube, and Pool Payday are some of the other famous Skillz games.

Dominoes Gold has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating on the App Store, with over 21,000 ratings and reviews. It’s one of the top 50 games in the casino category on the App Store. On the Galaxy Store, Dominoes Gold has received over 1,600 customer reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

How does Dominoes Gold work?

If you’ve ever played the traditional board game, you’ll be acquainted with the features and gameplay of Dominoes Gold. You usually play against a live opponent or the computer in the numerous game types. Your aim is to beat your opponent’s score by getting the greatest score possible throughout your match. In computer matches, you’re really competing against the score of another player who is also playing against a computer; the one with the greater score versus the computer wins.

The fundamental rules for playing Dominoes Gold are as follows:

Match the dominoes’ ends. You can only lay a domino next to an end domino with the same number as the starting domino. You may put a six next to a six, or a five next to a five, for example.

Make a five-digit number. To score points, the board’s ends must be a multiple of five. This might be five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and so on. You get a number of points equal to the multiple of five you made. If the sum of the board’s ends equals 15, you’ll get 15 points.

Watch the YouTube video below to learn how to play Skillz dominoes gold and win a $1 match.

Make a selection from the graveyard. You must draw tiles from your boneyard pile until you have a tile to put if you still have tiles in your hand but nowhere to place them.

Get yourself a Domino! If you utilize all of your tiles in your hand before your opponent, you receive “Domino!” If your opponent still has suitable tiles in their hand, you may take points from them. You’ll also be the first to begin the following round.

Get additional points: A Dominoes Gold match usually lasts seven minutes. If the timer runs out or someone obtains the requisite score, which is usually 100, the game is over.

Keep in mind that if there is still time available after the match ends, you may gain a time bonus to your total score. Extra points may be awarded depending on the difference between your and your opponent’s scores.

With Dominoes Gold, you can play in a variety of game modes. Whether it’s Z coins (the in-game money) or your cash balance, all game types have an admission charge.

Z coins are usually simple to get and enable you to participate in practice games in which you may win extra Z coins, tickets, and medals.

You must have a cash balance in order to engage in cash modes. You may increase your cash balance by either depositing your own funds or receiving bonus funds. Referring friends to play the game and redeeming tickets in the Skillz Rewards shop are two common ways to earn extra cash.

Some of the competitive dominoes tournament modes available in Dominoes Gold are as follows:

Practice: Compete against another player for prizes such as Z coins, tickets, and Leagues medals by using Z coins.

Head-to-head: Compete against another player for cash, tickets, and Leagues medals by using your cash balance.

Brackets: Use your cash balance to compete for rewards such as cash, tickets, and Leagues medals against several other players.

Real-time matches: Set your stakes (Z coins or cash) and compete against another player in a live match for Z coins or cash awards.

Events: Use your money to compete against other players for a share of a prize pool, which usually includes cash and tickets. The majority of events are timed and have no player restriction.
You are automatically included in the Leagues standings after completing a sufficient number of games, generally around three.

Depending on the sorts of game modes you play, this assigns you to the Pro or Practice category (or both).

You must acquire medals by winning eligible game types in order to enhance your Leagues ranking(s). The more medals you acquire, the higher your rating will be and the more likely you will win rewards.

League standings are changed on a regular basis, giving everyone a fresh chance to compete against one another.

Prize pools may vary, but it’s not uncommon for the first-placed Pro player to walk away with more than $2,000 and the first-placed Practice player to walk away with more than 1,000 Z coins.

My Experience With Dominoes Gold

I was led through a tutorial on how to play Dominoes Gold for iOS after installing it from the app store, which I ignored since I already knew how to play dominoes.

After that, you may choose an avatar and get immediately into a practice match.

Before my opponent, I had to defeat the computer. To achieve my first score, I was given 7 minutes to play. I defeated the computer, collecting 105 points and a total score of 140 since I won so rapidly and never had to use the boneyard.

Unfortunately, despite believing I had won, I came in second place against her. This means I only received 1 Ticketz, a Skillz-powered game feature that allows you to “purchase” into more games. The more Ticketz one collects, the more benefits one receives in the game.

Because each game costs one Ticketz to play, finishing in second means earning enough Ticketz to play another round.

Ticketz may also be utilized to win real money, however it requires a lot of effort. One of the main prizes is a Google Chromecast, which costs 1.20 million Ticketz to win.

A 55-inch 4K Smart TV costs 18 million dollars. But, hey, a Skillz Sticker only costs 1,000 Ticketz. (That is, of course, sarcasm.)

Forget about the Ticketz and prizes and focus on the genuine enjoyment. This is a Skillz game, and it, like other of the company’s mobile games, is all about having fun while winning real-world rewards.

Deposit funds into your account to play competitive dominos games for real money, such as:

Live 1v1 Dominoes: I had the option of entering for $1.80 to $260 for a chance to win $3 to $425.


Is Dominoes Gold a Genuine Game?

Dominoes Gold is a legitimate gambling app that ranks in the App Store’s top 50 casino applications. It has over 21,000 reviews and a 4.7 out of 5 star rating. Dominoes Gold is free to download and play, but engaging in the game’s cash modes gives you the chance to earn real money.

To engage in these forms, you usually have to deposit some of your own money. If you don’t want to put any money down, you may use the in-game cash to play the practice modes for free.

What is the smallest amount you can pay out on Dominoes Gold?

The Skillz platform, which manages deposits and withdrawals, powers Dominoes Gold. Skillz does not have a minimum cashout amount, however if your withdrawal is less than $10, you will be charged $1.50.

Is it possible to get Skillz Dominoes Gold for free?

All players must be at least 17 years old. It’s compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Is Dominoes Gold a Scam or Legitimate?

Skillz and fraud are often mentioned on Google. It’s one of those situations where if something seems too good to be true, it most often is. That’s because anybody who tells you that playing dominoes on your iPad would make you rich is selling you sweet water. It’s not a ruse; you can win real cash and prizes. It’s just not something you’ll pursue as a serious side venture. Approach it with the idea that it will be enjoyable, and it will be.

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