How To Use Skillz Promo Code

You can use this exclusive and universal coupon code to receive a cash bonus, which is often paid on your very first deposit. Because it is compatible with all Skillz games, it is universal. Want to know how to use Skillz promo code? Read more.


Where To Get Skillz Promo Code?

Promo codes are usually shared by players on different social media platforms. You can use this to get bonus cash that you can use to join real-money tournaments. Just remember that 10% of the total entry cost will be deducted from your bonus cash while the remaining 90% will be deducted from your cash deposit. Also, bonus cash can’t be withdrawn.

Ways On How To Use Skillz Promo Code

There are only 3 simple steps you must take:

• Create an account, download any free Skillz game, and play two practice games.

Download Skillz Game on iOs or Android

• Select the Store tab. After entering your coupon code, click Done on the Enter Promo Code button.

Enter Skillz Promo Code

• Finally, choose the deposit amount you want to make and input your payment information. Done! You are prepared to participate in real money tournaments.

Enter Skillz Deposit Amount

Final Thoughts

Several games are powered by Skillz. Skillz can’t give you specific promo codes because there are over 4,000 different games to pick from. These promo codes can therefore be applied to any Skillz-powered game. Share your promo code with friends so you can both get free bonus cash. Use this Skillz promo code for free bonus cash OXMQO.

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