How To Get More Tickets On Skillz

Ticketz are digital assets that may be redeemed for rewards. Players are given ticketz as part of the loyalty program at Skillz through a variety of gaming features. Regardless of the result, you will receive tickets for every game you play! As a reward for achieving a trophy, you might also gain Ticketz, and occasionally you might get some as part of your Login Bonus/Free Gift. Read ahead to learn how to get more tickets on Skillz.


Where Can I Use My Ticketz

To see everything Skillz has to offer its gamers, visit the Ticketz store page anytime!

  1. Open the Main Menu by tapping the three dashes in the upper-left corner of your in-app home screen, then choose Ticketz.
  2. You can alternatively choose the Store Tab, this is the tab where you go to deposit Skillz funds. A shopping cart-shaped third tab can be found at the bottom of your app’s screen. A section titled “Trophies & Ticketz” should be visible if you scroll down. You can also get there by just tapping on “Ticketz.”
  3. A tap on your Ticketz balance at the top of the screen will also take you to the store.

Ticketz Multiplier

Your Ticketz Multiplier, which might help you earn even more Ticketz, is determined on the amount you play. The Multiplier increases the quantity of Ticketz you earn for each match, allowing you to accumulate them more quickly. If your multiplier is 2x, for instance, you will receive twice as many Ticketz; if it is 3x, you will receive triple the number of Ticketz; and so on.

Win Practice Games

You can win 5,000 tickets after winning 100 practice games.

Play Paid Games Instead Of Free Games

Paid games offer far more ticketz than free games, and more ticketz are available for more expensive paid games. And if you place high enough in the standings, even if you don’t win any cash prizes, you can still collect a lot of ticketz.

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