How To Get A Refund From Skillz

With the help of the multiplayer tournament platform Skillz, you may compete against players from all around the world in mobile games for real money or our digital currency, “Z.” You must deposit before you can play for real money. Following a deposit, you can utilize that money to participate in cash tournaments and earn actual cash. Want to know how to get a refund from Skillz after depositing? Read more details below.

Cash Tournaments

In regions of the world where cash gameplay is permitted, cash competitions are open to all participants who are at least 18 years old. Your device’s location settings must be turned on to be eligible to play for real money. Approximately 75% of the world can currently participate in Skillz cash tournaments.



If you are a Cash Player, you can ask to have money taken out of your accessible Account balance whenever you want. Bonus Funds and Digital Assets cannot be withdrawn. For example, if you used your PayPal to make a $20 deposit and you are trying to withdraw $100, the $20 that you initially deposited will go back to your PayPal account. The rest will be sent to you via check, which is $80.

The processing of requested monies can take up to 90 days and is done via check or refund to the payment method used to make your deposit. Any withdrawal of less than $10.00 may be subject to a check request processing fee of up to $2.00.

Funds Forfeiture

The money in your account will be repaid if you close it, according to the restrictions of the withdrawal. Funds in your Account may be forfeited and not reimbursed to you if your Account is unilaterally canceled or canceled due to fraud or abuse.

Refund Policy

Skillz doesn’t allow players to refund their money unless it is required by law. You could just enjoy games and play cash tournaments, or try other Skillz Games that you might enjoy playing competitively. You can check this link to find some Best android Skillz games for making money.

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