How to Play Skillz Big Hearts? The COMPLETE Guide for Beginners

Today we are playing Big Hearts by Skillz, and the gameplay of this game is quite similar to the gameplay of the classic hearts game in general, with a handful of exceptions that we will go over in a little.

Introduction to Big Hearts

In this game, you are fighting against three bots, and the person you are going up against is also going up against three bots; the winner is determined by who performs better against the bots.

At the beginning of the game, both you and the bots will each be given 13 cards. After receiving your hand, you will each choose three cards from your deck to pass to the player to your left.

After then, the round or trick will begin, and the objective will be to get the lowest possible score. One point is awarded for each card that has a heart, with the queen of spades being worth 13 points. The trick begins with the player who has the two clubs, and it continues clockwise around the table.

Each player sets a card face down in front of them.

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The Standoff

You must use the same outfit. If a card of that suit has already been laid down, the person who has the highest card of the suit that was originally laid down wins the trick and takes all of the cards that were laid down in it.

What Happens When There’s a Tie?

The game would end with a score of zero if there were no hearts or the queen of spades to be found.

The player who took those cards is the one who begins the following trick. Because you don’t know what bets others will make when you go first, it’s best to play the lowest card in your hand when you’re the one who starts the round.

You are unable to begin play with any of your hearts until someone else has put a heart in a trick because they have used up all of the cards in the suit that the queen was first placed in.

Due to the fact that the spade is such a high card in its own suit, it is often used even when the player does not have the opening suit. However, as this game does not include playing to a predetermined score, players are only required to play two hands in total.

Additional Tips

Now, a couple of additional distinctions include how the passing works—during the first hand, you pass to the left, and during the second hand, you pass across—and that’s all. Additionally, the scoring throughout games is a little bit different.

The process is the same, but in the end, they establish a scoring system that takes into consideration factors such as the length of time it took you to play and the game itself in order to limit the number of ties. And there you have it; we appreciate your time for going through our tutorial.

How to Play Big Hearts – FAQs

What is the strategy for playing Big Hearts?

One effective tactic for the card game Hearts is to make an immediate attempt to get rid of one of your suits and see if you can do it as quickly as possible. You want to get rid of your high cards and point cards at every opportunity that presents itself, and getting rid of a suit early on means that you can play high cards and point cards when that suit is played. You should try to get rid of your high cards and point cards at every opportunity that presents itself.

How do you win money with Skillz Big Hearts?

After a player has won their first 10 games in any of Skillz’s games, they are eligible to receive a $2 extra cash incentive from the company. Therefore, if you play a new game and are successful in 10 of the practice games, you will be eligible for a significant amount of extra cash. You run absolutely no danger at all by participating in the practice games since they are risk-free for you to do so.

What are the best cards to pass in Big Hearts?

Passing aces to the left is the finest way to improve your hand. The rationale behind this is because aces have the highest probability of winning a trick, and you want the player to your left to be successful in winning tricks. If she does, then she will lead the following trick, which will provide you the opportunity to play last in the trick, enabling you to clearly see what card you should be playing.

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