How To Make Money On Skillz? Earn Big with Skillz

With the help of the multiplayer tournament platform Skillz, you may compete against players from all around the world in mobile games for real money or with Skillz’s digital currency, “Z.” Select your deposit amount and tap the Store button on the main screen to play for real money. Continue reading to learn more about how to make money on Skillz.


Do Skillz Games Make Real Money?

Yes! Playing Skillz Game competitively can help you make money. Skillz games aren’t regarded as gambling because the result is determined by your skill. You can play free games on Skillz by using the Skillz virtual currency “Z,” or you can play games for real money by adding funds to your Skillz account.

Promoting Your Promo Code

Once you have an account with Skillz, they create a special code that you can share with your friends. Both of you will receive $10 in extra money when your buddies use that code while making their first deposit. With this bonus cash, both you and your buddy can participate in cash games on any Skillz game.

Giving up your promo code to others increases the likelihood that they’ll make a deposit. With such a wide selection of Skillz Games, it’s not difficult to hook them and convince them to spend real money playing these games.

Joining Skillz Tournaments

There is even more money to be gained in the Pro League if you are talented enough to win these competitions. But it is not guaranteed success. Play these games that have a large prize pool as often as you can. It is certain that playing these games will make you a lot of money if you develop winning techniques and begin dominating competitions.

Skillz Affiliate Program

For the first 90 days that their account is open, Skillz pays its affiliates $2 for each install and 35% of the deposits made by that installation. Getting visitors to use your link to download their first Skillz game should be simple given that the app is free to download. About the deposit, there are numerous Skillz games that might persuade players to deposit real money in order to play real money games.

Get Bonus Cash From Challenges

After winning their first 10 games in any game they provide, Skillz gives its players a $2 incentive. This means that by playing a new game and winning 10 practice games, you can earn a sizable bonus sum.

Final Thoughts About How To Make Money On Skillz

It’s fun to play games, but it’s incredible to earn real money while doing so. However, there is always a risk, so if you want to start playing higher-paying games, make sure you are competent at the game.


Skillz has established itself as a dynamic force in the mobile gaming industry, not only by providing players with a platform to enjoy competitive gaming but also by creating a substantial revenue stream. Skillz derives its income from a diverse set of sources, including transaction fees from cash tournaments, advertising partnerships, in-app purchases, subscription models, data and analytics services, and licensing its technology to other gaming companies. This multifaceted approach has not only made it an attractive destination for gamers seeking to win real money but also a compelling opportunity for game developers and advertisers. Skillz continues to foster innovation in the mobile eSports sector, offering the potential for both players and industry stakeholders to earn big and be part of an exciting and evolving gaming ecosystem.


1. What is the Skillz affiliate program?

  • The Skillz affiliate program allows individuals or entities to partner with Skillz to promote its platform and games. Affiliates can earn commissions or bonuses for referring new players to Skillz or driving engagement on the platform through their promotional efforts.

2. Are Skillz games safe to play?

  • Yes, Skillz games are designed with safety in mind. Skillz takes measures to ensure fair and secure gameplay, including the use of skill-based competition rather than games of chance. Additionally, Skillz complies with legal regulations and implements age verification processes to maintain a safe gaming environment.

3. What does Skillz do?

  • Skillz is a platform that enables players to compete in skill-based mobile games and tournaments for real money prizes. It also partners with game developers to integrate its technology into existing games, turning them into competitive eSports experiences. Skillz provides a competitive gaming ecosystem for both players and developers to engage in competitive gameplay and monetize their skills.

4. How can I become a Skillz affiliate?

  • To become a Skillz affiliate, you typically need to apply through their affiliate program portal or contact their affiliate management team. Once accepted into the program, you can access marketing materials and tracking tools to promote Skillz games and earn commissions or incentives for successful referrals.

5. What benefits does Skillz offer to game developers?

  • Skillz offers game developers a range of benefits, including access to a large and engaged player base, the opportunity to monetize their games through cash tournaments, integration of Skillz technology into their games, access to Skillz’s analytics and marketing tools, and the potential for increased player retention and engagement through competitive gameplay. Skillz provides developers with a platform to enhance their games and generate additional revenue streams.

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