How To Win Real Cash In Skillz Big Cooking

Big Cooking, the first cooking simulation game from Big Run Studios, a US-based company, has just been made available. Similar to the majority of Big Run’s games, Big Cooking uses the Skillz platform to enable users to compete against other players in skill challenges and win real money. Players will have to use all of their cooking skills to keep track of all the open orders in different kitchens and serve customers at the same time. Read on to find out how to win real cash in Skillz Big Cooking.


Is Skillz Big Cooking A Legit Game?

Yes! The legit app Big Cooking is available for download from the App Store or Google Play. It’s usual to question whether or not real money online games are a scam. Big Cooking now has a score of 4.6 out of 5 after receiving over 2,300 ratings and reviews. It is created by Big Run games and is available on the App Store.

How To Play Skillz Big Cooking?

Test your culinary prowess as you go head-to-head with other players to prepare the best drinks, meals, and desserts before serving them up to satisfied customers right away!

Plan your culinary operations properly to compete and succeed! You may please your customers and get hefty tips by managing your orders. Visit kitchens all over the world, such as those in Italy, Mexico, and New York. Cook delectable local fare like pizza, hamburgers, onion rings, fajitas, and more! Unlock advanced recipes and more cooking stations! Playing quickly, easily, and with great music and amazing graphics!

How To Win Real Cash In Skillz Big Cooking

Like previous cooking games, Big Cooking is a game of STRATEGY, SPEED, and ACCURACY. Here, the rewards are better, which makes a difference. It offers prizes for actual money.


Skillz Big Cooking Tips & Tricks

  • While the meat is cooking on the stove, be careful! They could burn!

  • Maintain fish on the grill to fulfill orders quickly!

  • To be prepared to serve clients, place supplies at Sous Chef Joe’s station ahead of time!

  • Prepare your food in advance and start all the drinks so that they are ready to serve when the customer arrives.

  • As soon as the buyer pays, always take the coins.

  • There are some items that you can safely prepare ahead of time, such as the fact that in Italy, only a marina pizza has mushrooms. If someone ordered it, simply prepare it and place it in the oven, or simply add sausages.

  • if a consumer orders multiple items and even one of those take some time to prepare. To keep their hearts from fading too quickly, always provide the other object while they wait.

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Final Thoughts On How To Win Real Cash In Skillz Big Cooking

Playing the game Big Cooking is enjoyable. You can take part in tournaments for free or for real money, which will let you play for bigger stakes. Compete, win, and manage your cooking processes well. Order management will let you please your clients and earn generous tips. Visit kitchens all over the world, including those in Mexico and New York City as well as Italy. Make delicious regional foods like pizza, burgers, onion rings, fajitas, and more! Unlock more cooking stations and advanced recipes!


Skillz Big Cooking emerges as a culinary adventure that combines strategy, speed, and creativity. This comprehensive guide has navigated the intricacies of winning real cash in Skillz Big Cooking, offering insights into gameplay, strategies, and the balance required to triumph in this skill-based competition. As we conclude this journey, it’s essential to reflect on the fusion of culinary artistry and strategic gameplay that defines Skillz Big Cooking.

FAQ: Big Cooking and Big Run Studios Games

1. What is Big Cooking?

Big Cooking is a term that refers to a cooking-themed mobile game developed by Big Run Studios. It likely involves gameplay centered around various culinary challenges and activities.

2. What are Big Cooking Pots?

Big Cooking Pots could be a gameplay element in cooking-themed games. These pots might be used to prepare larger quantities of virtual dishes, adding a realistic touch to the cooking experience within the game.

3. What are Big Run Studios Games?

Big Run Studios is a game development company that creates mobile games. Their games are known for providing engaging and entertaining experiences across various genres, and they might include titles related to cooking, puzzles, and more.

4. Can you give examples of Big Run Studios Games?

Examples of games developed by Big Run Studios include various titles spanning different genres. Some of these games might be related to cooking, puzzles, word games, and more. The specific games available can vary over time.

5. Is Big Cooking available on mobile platforms?

As of my last update in September 2021, I don’t have specific information about a game called “Big Cooking.” However, Big Run Studios typically develops games for mobile platforms, so it’s possible that such a game might exist.

6. Do Big Run Studios Games feature big cooking challenges?

Big Run Studios games might include cooking challenges as part of their gameplay mechanics. These challenges could involve preparing virtual dishes, managing time, and satisfying customer orders, providing an immersive cooking experience.

7. Are Big Cooking Pots a common feature in cooking games?

Big Cooking Pots could be a common feature in cooking games that aim to provide a realistic cooking experience. Utilizing larger pots for cooking larger quantities of food adds authenticity to the virtual culinary process.

8. How can I find and play games by Big Run Studios?

To find and play games developed by Big Run Studios, visit your device’s app store (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Search for “Big Run Studios” to see their available games and download the ones that interest you.

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