How To Make Money On Skillz

Players from all around the world can participate in head-to-head matches on the multiplayer gaming platform Skillz in order to earn real money or the game’s in-game currency. In other words, Skillz enables you to engage in competition with other mobile players from across the globe to win money and other rewards. You don’t need luck to win money because Skillz only offers skill-based games. To learn how to make money on Skillz, continue reading.


How Much Does Skillz Cost?

Every game on the site features free-to-play games so you can try them out. Skillz is completely free. Additionally, there are paid competitions where you can win money. These events have entry fees as low as $0.60.

Make Money On Skillz

There is a big chance of earning money. But even when playing against AI interfaces, Skillz will pair you up with opponents of comparable competence. The competition stiffens as you move up the rankings. As you play more, it makes it harder to win additional rewards.

Win Games

You can try playing Bingo Cash, the game offers the possibility of winning $50 or more each game. Solitaire Cash is another game that you can try. If you win, Solitaire Cash additionally offers $83 for each game. Downloading Solitaire Cash is free, and the game has already awarded rewards totaling more than $1.5 million dollars.

Promote Your Skillz Promo Code

Once you have an account with Skillz, they create a special code that you can share with your friends. Both of you will receive $10 in extra money when your buddies utilize that code while making their first deposit. with which one can participate in cash games on any Skillz game.

Skillz Affiliate Program

Currently, Skillz pays its affiliates $2 for each install and 35% of the deposits made by that installer for the first 90 days that their account is open. It should be simple to persuade folks to use your link to download their first Skillz game because the app is free to download. Because of this, using Skillz to generate income may be the best option. The tricky part is getting them to deposit.

Final Thoughts On How To Make Money On Skillz

If you enjoy playing games on your phone, you may be considering trying out a few of the Skillz games. There are many different types of games accessible on Skillz, free tournaments are available, you may earn money by playing video games, and new games are often introduced.

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