How To Win Real Money In Skillz Jewel Blitz

Tetris, a timeless game, is combined in an intriguing way in Jewel Blitz. The game’s concept is simple, yet winning is a decent mental challenge. Jewel Blitz is a fun online PVP block puzzle game where you can compete against players from all over the world using Skillz, a platform for competition with leaderboards, trophies, tangible or intangible awards, and a great loyalty program that rewards you just for playing. Read more to learn how to win real money in Skillz Jewel Blitz.


How To Play Skillz Jewel Blitz

Clearing lines earn points. For extra points, place higher-value cubes last in the row. Tap quickly! You have just three minutes to defeat your foe. Place blocks in rows and remove them from the board without running out of space. You win if you last longer than your opponent.

How To Win Real Money In Skillz Jewel Blitz

There are two primary tournament playing types available in Jewel Blitz. There are both head-to-head competitions and brackets. Both provide a unique twist that increases the game’s challenge, enjoyment, and potential financial reward.


Rounds of bracket play last for 24 hours each. Each bracket has a prize fund of $65, 225 Z points, and 65 Medals, and there is a $3 entrance fee. The objective is to place high in the bracket. The breakdown of the rewards given in actual money is as follows:

  • Top 18 – $1.50
  • Top 8 – $3.75
  • Top 4 – $5
  • Finalist – $8
  • Winner – $20

Head to Head

You and a single other opponent compete in head-to-head competitions. You are pitted against opponents who have comparable skill levels in this fast-paced playstyle. The cost of the entry fee determines the level of difficulty. When you register for your first head-to-head competition, keep these things in mind:

Tournament NamePrizeEntry Fee
Rookie Cash Rumble$1+50 Z points +1 Medal$1
Jewel Streak$3+150 Z points +3 Medals$3
Pro Cash Match$5+250 Z points +5 Medals$5
Jewel Streak$8+400 Z points +8 Medals$8
Elite Cash Match$10+500 Z points+10 Medals$10
Champion Cash Match$20+1K Z points+20 Medals$20
Jewel Streak$25+1.250 Z points +25 Medals$25
Conqueror$50+2.5K Z points+50 Medals$50

Final Thoughts About How To Win Real Money In Skillz Jewel Blitz

Participate in tournaments and head-to-head matches to win rewards. Challenge individuals worldwide and see your position on the leaderboards. Acquire medals that demonstrate your prowess. Play against other players to win rewards in real money or digital money. Gain access to the fantastic loyalty program that pays you to play!

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