Win Real Cash With Skillz Bubble Cube 2

In the game Bubble Cube 2: Top Pro Shooter, you compete with other players to see who can shoot and match bubbles to collect more points. Depending on the game mode, you could win real money. Learn more about how to win real cash with Skillz Bubble Cube 2 here.

Bubble Cube 2 was made by Tether Studios, LLC, a company that makes games and has offices in Henderson, Nevada, and Oakland, California. More than 20 million people worldwide have played Tether Studios games, which frequently receive positive reviews in the App Store. With over 2,000 ratings and reviews, Bubble Cube 2 is rated among the top 100 casino games on the App Store. Additionally, it has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating overall.


How To Play Skillz Bubble Cube 2

In order to match colors, link three or more bubbles of the same hue, and you fire bubbles onto a board to play the game. This will cause the associated bubbles to pop, earning you some points. Bubbles can be shot straight ahead or bounced off the two walls at various angles. You’ll constantly be aware of the color of the bubble you’re firing as well as the hues of the subsequent bubbles that will appear in your “hopper.”

Additionally, there is a meter that fills each time you connect bubbles with a shot or make a match. More bubbles will be added to your board if you run out of bubbles in your hopper before filling your match meter. The game is over if an unpopped bubble hits the base of your board. When the three minutes are up or you clear all of the bubbles in a row, the game will likewise end.

You can get points in addition to exploding bubbles if you remove colors from the board and use any 2X power-up bubbles you come across. These are important characteristics since completing a color will award you significant benefits at a rate of 10% extra points for each of the six colors you complete. Each game may also present you with additional random power-ups; they could change your approach.

Skillz Bubble Cube 2 Game Modes

Practice Mode

To compete against another player, you must have Z coins, the virtual currency used in the game. Tickets, Z coins, and league medals are among the rewards.


Plays against other players using a cash stake. Cash, tickets, and league medals are among the awards.


Needs cash in the Skillz wallet to challenge people. Tickets and cash are awarded as prizes.


Playing against numerous opponents requires a cash balance or Z coins. Cash, Z coins, tickets, and Leagues medals are all possible prizes.


Usually needs cash to compete against other players, and it might only be active for a short while. Prizes frequently consist of money and tickets. These are frequently multi-player contests with plenty of participants.

Win Real Cash With Skillz Bubble Cube 2

The first time you play Bubble Cube 2, you’ll undoubtedly feel like you need to get better. Below, you’ll find some helpful Bubble Shooter tips and tricks that will enable you to go swiftly from beginner to skilled.

  • Move quickly and firmly to pop as many bubbles as you can in the least amount of time. You might be shocked by how quickly you move on to the next level once you’ve mastered the controls and feedback methods.
  • Aim carefully. Shooting at random won’t help you reach the next level or get good scores. Ineffectively placed bubbles might produce unnecessary blocks that lower your score and make it more difficult for you to level the playing field.
  • Laying out a path to target massive clusters of bubbles is a well-known strategy that can help you conserve ammo and make every shot count. This strategy can be used on deserving collections of bubbles that share the same color, or you can concentrate on the bubbles in the upper rows.
  • Build Branches so you can fire colors further up the board to drop them. It can be a tactic for clearing colors.

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