How Does Skillz Bonus Cash Work

You can enter tournaments and compete for real cash prizes using Bonus Cash. You are not permitted to withdraw Bonus Cash, and each time you do, your Bonus Cash is forfeited. Know more about how does Skillz bonus cash work.


Why Is Bonus Cash Not Withdrawable?

90% actual cash and 10% Bonus Cash are commonly used to cover the entry cost while entering a real money match. However, more Bonus Cash will be used if you don’t have enough real money to pay the remaining 10% of the admission fee.

Bonus money is not withdrawable and is lost when you request a withdrawal. You will spend $0.50 of your bonus money for entrance for every $5.00 you pay in entry fees. Therefore, if you enter a game for $10.00, $9.00 of that will be actual money, and $1.00 will be bonus money.

How To Gain More Bonus Cash?

The app may occasionally reward you with $1 or $2 for completing an achievement simply by playing or winning a few games.

An alternative option is to use your tickets to exchange them for bonus cash in-store, which can range in value from $1 to $500 depending on how many tickets you have. However, it will take some time for you to play and accumulate enough tickets to regularly purchase the money. For the largest bonus payment redemptions, hundreds of thousands or even millions of tickets are required.

Allowing new users to use your player code as a reference when making their first deposit is the final way to receive bonus money. You and they will each receive $20 in bonus money as a result.

Final Thought On How Does Skillz Bonus Cash Work

In order to help raise the payout for their games and somewhat lower the winning percentage necessary to turn a profit, players use bonus cash. By the time they lose their bonus cash, they can typically earn enough tickets to redeem some more and take a small profit. Other players might use the money all at once in a large buy-in tournament and immediately cash out.

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