How To Get More Z In Skillz

Skillz has its own virtual currency, which is called Z. It lets players take part in non-cash tournaments and is given to players who take part in all kinds of tournaments. The more you win games, the more Z you own, and the more you can brag about it to your friends. Learn how to get more Z in Skillz by reading on.


Where Can I Use My Z?

In Skillz tournaments, players can compete for either Skillz Virtual Currency (called “Z”) or real money. Even though “Z” can be used to buy some things in-game, only cash can be taken out of the system. Use your Z Coins to play in more free matches, and save up your Ticketz to get real prizes like clothes, electronics, home goods, and more.

How To Get More Z In Skillz?

You can’t buy Z, but you can get it by winning tournaments, getting trophies, winning prizes on the leaderboard, or getting daily rewards. Players can’t take their Z out of the game, sell them, or trade them for cash. You can’t use Z to enter a tournament where the prizes are real money.

You can also get more Z by watching ads inside the Skillz App. Don’t forget your daily login rewards so that you can get more Z to use in-game.

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