How To Get Bonus Cash On Skillz

You can enter tournaments and compete for real cash prizes using Bonus Cash. Bonus Cash cannot be withdrawn, and any withdrawals you make result in the loss of Bonus Cash. 90% actual cash and 10% bonus cash are commonly used to cover the entry cost while entering a match. However, more Bonus Cash will be used if you don’t have enough real money to pay the remaining portion of the admission fee. Continue reading to learn how to get bonus cash on Skillz.


How Can I Get More Bonus Cash?

Referring friends to Skillz is a fantastic way to increase your Bonus Cash earnings. Open your preferred Skillz app and slide out the menu on the right to accomplish this. After selecting Free Bonus Cash, select SHARE. You can use any messaging app, text message, or email to deliver your special invite link. You will both gain Bonus Cash if your friend makes their first-ever deposit into Skillz using your referral link.

A few trophies come with Bonus Cash awards. To view your Trophy progress, enter the slide-out menu from the Skillz home screen and select Trophies. When a trophy is finished, select “Claim Prize” to get your prize.

Limited-Time Bonus Cash

Skillz occasionally promotes Bonus Cash promotion offers via email or in-app promos. Make sure to sign up for Skillz newsletters to receive notifications of new promotions. Open your preferred Skillz app and tap the slide-out menu to the right to subscribe. Check the “I consent to be notified about Skillz products and offers” box under Account > Personal Info.

Check the Store screen on your preferred Skillz app to check if any discounts are offered. The amount of time you have to use a limited-time offer will be indicated via a countdown timer on the offer page. Before going to the screen for making a deposit, touch on the promotional banner to apply any current deals.

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