Is This Happening to You As Well on Solitaire Cube?

I have been playing the game for a while and recently I decided to start playing for real money. HR has a pretty decent player who has reached the top 3 practice leaderboard on more than one occasion

I noticed a pattern in my game where I would play well in one session, but then would not do as well in the next. However, when I switched to playing cash games, this pattern changed. Now I win multiple games every time I play.

I still managed to be quite high up in the pro leagues a few times, but most of my time is resting as I always focus on long-term development.. Looking at individual players’ wins, there are still plenty of games that end up in a loss. This tells me that the people who come out on top consistently, have to work hard for it as well.

I understand where you are coming from. Skillz has been very honest and transparent with me so far so I haven’t seen any sketchy dealings, but I have to admit that something doesn’t feel right. There might be something going on behind the scenes that I am not aware of. Has this happened with you as well?

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