How To Win Skillz Dominoes Gold

Playing Dominoes Gold matches you against other players with the chance to win actual rewards like goods, gift cards, or cash. Learn how the game operates and decide if it would be a suitable fit for you to earn some extra money. Read more to learn how to win Skillz Dominoes Gold.


Is Dominoes Gold legit?

Dominoes Gold, one of the top 50 casino apps in the App Store, is a real money-making game app. With over 21,000 reviews, it has received a 4.7 out of 5-star rating. Although Dominoes Gold is free to download and play, there are ways to win real money by taking part in the game’s cash modes.

Dominoes Gold Prizes

Prize pools for events sometimes exceed $1,000, and the Leagues tournament has had prize pools in the tens of thousands of dollars. You could earn more than $200 from a single game even if you were to play some of the standard cash games. However, as it’s a skill-based game, there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed.

Tip On How To Win Skillz Dominoes Gold

Here are some pointers on how to play it to achieve higher scores and win actual cash.

Practice The Game

To get accustomed to the gameplay, you should first play a few practice games. In this manner, you can play without worrying that you’ll lose a lot of tickets or money. In the worst-case scenario, you can always retake the tutorial, although it’s largely self-explanatory.

Don’t Rush

You have seven minutes to play in every game, so take some time to consider your alternatives. The person with the greater score wins, regardless of whether anyone reaches a score of 80, as I stated in my previous post. So you could still succeed. But remember that someone else is competing against the machine as well, and you want to outdo their score. So you shouldn’t hang around for too long.

Five Digit

Make a five-digit number. To receive points, the board’s ends must be a multiple of five. This might be 5, 10, 15, 20, and so on. You are awarded points equal to your multiple of five. If all of the ends on the board add up to 15, you will score 15.

Time Bonus

In the event that there is time remaining after the game, keep in mind that you can gain a time bonus for your final score. Additional points could be awarded if your score is higher than that of your opponent.

Final Thoughts On How To Win Skillz Dominoes Gold

A Dominoes Gold match typically lasts seven minutes. If the timer runs out or someone scores the required number, usually 100, the game is ended. When playing against real opponents, the reward is often a Ticketz, which lets users ‘buy’ their way into other Skillz-powered games. With the Ticketz, you can actually earn rewards like a Skillz Pullover Hoodie, a Google Chromecast, Skillz Stickers, etc.

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