How To Win In Skillz Cube Cube

In select countries, Cube Cube uses the Skillz eSports platform to host cash competitions. Skillz is a platform for competitive gaming that works with many companies to give gamers from all over the world the chance to compete for millions of real prizes, some of which may be real-money prizes. Continue reading to learn how to win in Skillz Cube Cube.


Is Skillz Cube Cube Legit?

Yes! Cube Cube is considered a simple puzzle game with simple principles but may require intricate strategies to win. On the App Store, more than 12,000 users have rated and reviewed Cube Cube, giving it an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

How to Play Cube Cube?​

Players in the timed games of Cube Cube compete against one another as they arrange Tetris-style blocks on a board to collect points. Each player receives the same three blocks to simultaneously place on their board. You score points for arranging your blocks in rows or columns. This will also eliminate that row or column from the board. You are given three more blocks after arranging the first three.

You score points each time you set a block or clear a row or column. The most efficient ways to accumulate points, though, might be a combo or streak bonuses. Combinations are used to clear multiple rows or columns at once. Streaks form when a row or column is cleared on successive turns.

Secrets On How To Win In Skillz Cube Cube

Don’t just mindlessly clear columns and rows

Create a wall on one side of the board rather than placing the blocks in random places. You might be able to make room for bigger blocks that the game will probably eventually include by doing this. Knowing which forms complement one another can also help you make the most of your available space on the board.

Streak Bonus

Aim for streak bonuses to earn the most points. This is because it’s possible that combination bonuses are harder to get because you might be holding out for a particular block shape that never appears.


Every match is typically available for replay on the Skillz platform. This might be really useful if you lose a game and want to figure out how your opponent beat you. Due to the fact that you and your opponent receive the same game board and block set, you may be able to pick up certain strategies to use in future games.

Pro Tip

Always be clear on the third move to maintain your active streak into the following round if you don’t already have one and you have one piece that can make a clear.

Final Thoughts On How To Win In Skillz Cube Cube

In Cube Cube Games, you can face off against other players one on one or take part in large tournaments with lots of players. Every player in head-to-head games receives identical shapes in the same order, and the person with the most points at the end is declared the winner. Skillz is a platform for tournaments featuring leaderboards, medals, real money awards, and a terrific loyalty program that pays you for playing. Challenge people from all over the world on it.

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