How To Play Yatzy Cash

A major star in the world of board games is Yahtzee. It is now available as a game app for mobile devices, so you can play it whenever and wherever you want. In fact, you can download dozens of Yahtzee games by performing a quick search in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone. The Skillz game Yatzy Cash is among the most popular. Learn more about how to play Yatzy Cash.


Yatzy Cash

In the mobile phone game Yatzy Cash, players roll five dice in order to create specific combinations. Large tournaments, single-player and online modes, and head-to-head competitions are all part of the games, and you can win significant rewards, including real money.

How To Play Yatzy Cash

Yatzy Cash adheres to the standard Yahtzee rules. The objective is to roll dice for scoring combinations to get the best score you can.

You have the option to warm up in-game before choosing a game to play, and only tokens you’ve earned on the platform will be taken from your account in doing so.

Each player rolls all five dice to begin the game. First place goes to the player with the highest score. You may throw the dice up to three times throughout your turn.

All five dice are rolled together on the first roll, and any keepers that can help you achieve your desired score combinations are then placed aside. After any roll, you may pause and score. If you don’t like the outcomes of the first roll, you can roll as many dice again as you like—or even all of them—in your subsequent two rolls. You must enter a score at the conclusion of the third roll, even if it is 0.

There are 13 different scoring categories, and once one is utilized, it cannot be used again.


A Yatzy is the lone exception to the rule that scoring categories may only be used once. It occurs when you roll five identical-numbered dice. Your first Yatzy earns you 75 points. As many times as you can roll Yatzys, you can score 100 points, which can be scored repeatedly.

It’s important to keep in mind that you want to finish the game with the maximum score possible, so you’ll want to collect as many Yatzys as you can to increase your score.

The player who finishes the game with the most points wins and receives real money rewards.

Thoughts On How To Play Yatzy Cash

You can proceed with completing the missions to get high scores and more points to build your cash rewards once you learned how to play Yatzy Cash! There is nothing that can stop you from expertly defeating your opponent and collecting the rewards you are due. A great way to earn some extra cash is by playing the entertaining game Yatzy Cash.

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