How To Win Pyramid Solitaire Cube

Pyramid Solitaire Cube is a style of solitaire game that includes a ton of entertaining features for a fun and rewarding gaming experience. Working your way through a pyramid-shaped cascade of lowering cards is the object of the game. Your objective is to match cards with sums of 13 or more. Read on to learn how to win Pyramid Solitaire Cube.


Pyramid Solitaire Cube Mechanics

Pyramid solitaire is played much like Klondike solitaire. There will be a 52-card deck; the deck will be shuffled, and after that, the cards will be dealt face down in the shape of a pyramid. Pyramid Solitaire’s alternate name, Solitaire 13, refers to the game’s goal of matching cards into pairs that add up to 13. Before time runs out, use the special “free” slot to clear the pyramid and solve the trickiest decks.

Card Values

Pyramid Solitaire has the following card values:

  • Ace: 1 point
  • Jack: 11 points
  • Queen: 12 points
  • King: 13 points

A King counts as a “pair” by itself, it should be noted. It is not necessary to match it with additional cards. The value of every other card is its face value.

How To Play Pyramid Solitaire Cube

The basic guidelines for playing Pyramid Solitaire are provided below.

Search for Pairs That Match 13, Put each pair in a discard pile once you have found pairs that add up to 13. It’s crucial to remember that you can only play cards that aren’t covered by other cards. Thus, you must start your first match from the bottom.

Find potential blocks, remember that It’s difficult to win some hands. Early acceptance of this fact can help you avoid a lot of time and hassle. Pyramids with all of a certain rank situated one or more rows behind their match are a common example of unwinnable hands. 

The number of matches is increased by moving a stock card from the deck to the discard pile. This is due to the fact that it allows you to play the initial card that you placed face-up in the discard pile while also revealing a second card in the stockpile.

Once the game is over, keep using a combination of the free cards, discarded cards, and top stock cards to find matches. The majority of the time, you will go through your stash several times.

How To Win Pyramid Solitaire Cube

Pyramid Solitaire is a game that requires several methods to regularly win. Generally speaking, the most effective Pyramid Solitaire techniques are:

Winning Strategies In Pyramid Solitaire Cube

  • As soon as possible, remove the Kings
  • Recognizing the cards you should play right away and the ones you should wait to play
  • Recognizing when a game cannot be won, allowing you to redeal
  • Your initial move is to select a card from the stock.
  • Making decisions that match the evidence after acquiring it all
  • Making an effort to equally remove cards from both sides of the pyramid
  • Play as soon as you can
  • To increase your point total, try pairing up the pyramid cards with other pyramid cards. When absolutely necessary, only draw cards from the Draw Pile.

Final Thoughts On How To Win Pyramid Solitaire Cube

Pyramid Solitaire is a card game that is played by removing cards from a layout, one at a time, and building them in descending order on the tableau. It’s not just fun to play but also relaxing and therapeutic. Pyramid Solitaire Cube is free to play using the Skillz Platform, you can also win real money by joining cash tournaments.

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