Pool PayDay – Cool Tips and Tricks You Have to Follow

Pool Payday lets you earn real money by playing virtual pool against other players in online tournaments.

Mobile game apps have quickly become a popular way for people to earn money while playing a game in their spare time. Because these games are typically available on your iPhone or other smart devices, it’s easy to sit wherever you are and compete with other players for real money. But how does it work and how much money can you earn?


Once you’ve made a Pool Payday account, you can play games with your cash balance or Z coins, which are the game’s currency. You start with a certain number of Z coins, and you can get more by winning games, getting trophies, and getting daily rewards. If you win enough, you might be able to play for as long as you want.

Most of the time, you win a game of Pool Payday by getting more points than your opponent. The way you score depends on the game mode you’re playing, but in general, you just have to hit the right balls into the right pockets.

You can also get bonus points by doing things like trick shots or putting the ball in a certain pocket. If you don’t pocket a ball or “scratch,” which means you pocket the cue ball, you lose one of your three cue balls. The game is over when you run out of cue balls, pocket all the balls, or run out of time.

You can’t win real money by playing games with Z coins, but you can win tickets that you can trade in at the Skillz Rewards store for prizes. Some of the prizes are extra cash, gift cards, electronics, and clothing. When you trade your tickets for bonus cash, the money you get goes into your cash balance. If you have enough money in your account, you can play cash games and win real money.

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Some of the different ways Pool Payday can be played

Play a game against another player who is about as good as you are. To get into this mode, you need a Z coin. There are Z coins, tickets, and league medals as prizes.

  • Head-to-head: Play a game against another player whose skill level is about the same as yours. This mode requires cash to play. Cash, tickets, and league medals are some of the prizes.
  • Play against multiple people in brackets. This mode requires cash to play. Cash, tickets, and league medals are some of the prizes.
  • Events: Join a big, multi-player event and see who can get the most points. This mode requires cash to play. Most events have a time limit, and you may be able to enter more than once to try to get a better score. The winners of each event share the total prize pool, which is usually made up of cash and tickets.
  • Live competitions: Play a live, turn-based game against one other player. You decide how much you want to bet and what kind of pool you want to play. You can choose between 8-ball pool and trick shot pool, and you can set the entry requirements to either Z coins or cash.

After you’ve played enough games, you’ll be entered into Leagues, which is a timed prize pool. Here, you can win games to earn League medals. The more medals you win, the higher your position in the Leagues rankings and the more money you could get when the timer runs out.

Leagues can be joined by anyone who has played enough games. But if you don’t get many medals, you probably won’t get paid. Leagues has Practice and Pro sections based on whether you play games with Z coins or real money.

Pool PayDay Cool Tips and Tricks

One of the main things you should focus on and you have to do is make sure you play between 4 to 8 p.m. You should pay attention to playing when the regular people are playing, and not late night when only professionals are playing because that would make it much harder to win!

The second thing you should pay attention is you have to make sure that if you lose one game, do not go all in and play any more cash games for the day. That is a kind of a trick that many people (Professionals) follow and apparently, this trick makes their balances grow.

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