What is Skillz? Everything you need to know

Skillz is a mobile gaming platform that allows game developers to publish their creations while simultaneously allowing players to compete for real-world rewards and money. Creators have the option of making their games available for publication via Skillz. In addition, this platform cannot serve as a platform for gambling. Entry into the gaming competition will cost each participant a certain amount. After that point, Skillz gets a part of the earnings. A portion of the profit goes to the developer. Skillz also gives compensation to their game participants. If you want to know more about What is Skillz, we suggest you keep reading this article!

Who owns Skillz?

Andrew Paradise and Casey Chafkin established Skillz in the year 2012 in Boston. The company’s headquarters are located in San Francisco. Several different stages were involved in completing the fundraising for Skillz. They secured $53 million in funding from investors such as Liberty Global, Telstra, Accomplice, and Wildcat Capital. Additionally, proprietors of several big sports teams, including the New England Patriots and many other clubs!

What is Skillz? Everything you need to know on how many games are available

By the end of June 2015, Skillz had a total of 550 games available for purchase and had worked with 1,100 different gaming companies. In December 2017, the year-over-year growth rate for Skillz was 50,000 per cent. In the same year, Skillz was formed as a company and employed its one-hundredth full-time employee. As of September 2017, the theoretical part of Skillz’s services was managed by thirteen different women. If you’re interested in What is Skillz and Everything you need to know, we have some answers just for you!

Skillz is a multiplayer competition platform that allows players to participate in mobile games against other users from all around the globe for real money or our virtual in-game currency. Users have the opportunity to compete in Skillz competitions for both real-world money, and virtual currencies used in-game. The players can compete in two types of prizes in the tournament that is currently being held.

Who can join Skillz gaming platform?

Anyone who wants to play games has the opportunity to sign up for Skillz at no extra cost, and every Skillz-enabled game does have a variety of contests that are also free to enter and award monetary rewards to the winners who succeed. To be able to qualify in competitions for cash prizes, participants need to be at least 18 years old and located in a part of the region where it is acceptable to invest real money on game apps or other games of chance.

Final thoughts on What is Skillz -everything you need to know & how much it costs to download it

This Skillz gaming platform is available for download through the app at no additional charge. After you have downloaded the app, you will have the ability to search through the extensive catalog of real cash skill contests that are currently available. Skillz will take you to some other installation once you have selected the game that you want to play from their collection. On the other hand, none of these downloads will cost you a single cent.
The vast majority of the contests provide free sign-ups. If you want to earn any money off of the game, it will cost you money to participate. For as little as sixty cents, players may participate in some great competitions and games.

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