Exploring Skillz App: A Guide to Mobile Gaming and Competitions

Skillz is not just another gaming app; it’s a revolutionary platform that enables game developers to showcase their creations while offering players the opportunity to compete for tangible rewards and money. Unlike traditional gaming platforms, Skillz focuses on skill-based games that engage players and encourage healthy competition.

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How Skillz Works

At its core, Skillz operates as a mobile gaming hub where developers can publish their games. These games are designed to test players’ skills rather than rely on chance or luck. The platform fosters a fair and competitive environment by excluding gambling-related activities. To participate in gaming competitions, players are required to pay an entry fee, a portion of which goes to Skillz, and the rest is split between the developer and participants.

Creating Games on Skillz

Game developers are at the heart of Skillz. They have the option to showcase their creations on the platform and tap into a diverse audience of eager players. This symbiotic relationship benefits both parties, as developers gain exposure and revenue, while players get to enjoy engaging and rewarding gaming experiences.

Gaming Competitions and Rewards

Skillz offers a dynamic range of competitions where players can vie for both real-world money and virtual in-game currency. These competitions are structured to cater to various skill levels and preferences, ensuring that players of all backgrounds can find something that suits their taste.

The Founders of Skillz

Skillz was founded in 2012 by Andrew Paradise and Casey Chafkin in Boston. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has come a long way since its inception. The fundraising efforts for Skillz garnered substantial support from investors, including Liberty Global, Telstra, and notable sports team owners.

Skillz’s Impressive Growth

Skillz’s journey has been marked by remarkable growth. By 2015, the platform boasted a staggering 550 games and partnerships with over 1,100 gaming companies. The exponential year-over-year growth rate of 50,000 percent in 2017 underscores its significance in the gaming industry.

Skillz: A Multiplayer Competition Platform

Skillz thrives on its multiplayer competition platform, enabling players to engage with opponents from around the world. This global interaction adds a layer of excitement and challenge to the gaming experience. Players can compete in a variety of contests, each offering unique prizes.

Eligibility and Joining Skillz

Skillz is inclusive and welcomes anyone interested in playing games. Signing up is free, and some games even offer free contests with monetary rewards. However, to participate in cash prize competitions, players must be at least 18 years old and located in regions where real-money gaming is permissible.

Downloading and Using Skillz

Downloading the Skillz app is straightforward and comes at no additional cost. Once the app is installed, players can explore a wide array of skill-based contests. Each selected game will seamlessly lead players into its respective installation process, all without incurring any charges.

Cost of Participation

While most contests allow free sign-ups, the potential to earn money requires players to pay participation fees. These fees can be as low as sixty cents, offering affordable options for those looking to engage in exciting competitions and games.


Skillz emerges as a game-changer in the realm of mobile gaming, offering a unique blend of skill-based challenges and tangible rewards. As it continues to grow, the platform remains dedicated to fostering fair competition and rewarding players for their prowess.


Who Owns Skillz?

Skillz was co-founded by Andrew Paradise and Casey Chafkin in 2012.

How Many Games Are Available on Skillz?

By the end of June 2015, Skillz had over 550 games available for purchase.

Who Can Join the Skillz Gaming Platform?

Anyone interested in skill-based gaming can join Skillz, provided they meet age and regional requirements.

How Much Does Skillz Cost to Download?

Downloading the Skillz app is free of charge.

What is the Skillz Game Guide?

A guide on how to play Skillz games with strategies and tips to enhance your performance.

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