How Does Skillz Company Make Money

Users of the Skillz Games platform can play mobile games for cash prizes. Skillz has millions of users and introduced the first platform of its kind in the United States in April 2013. But according to the business, the number doubles every month. Continue reading to find out how does Skillz company makes money.


How Does Skillz Work?

With built-in anti-cheat and anti-fraud features, Skillz’s technology pairs players according to talent for fair competition in tournaments and one-on-one matches. With the aid of this approach, more players may win more frequently and progressively take on stiffer opposition to increase their earnings. Because Skillz doesn’t bother users with in-game purchases or commercials, gamers can concentrate entirely on competing without distraction.

By taking care of business requirements like technical support, operations, and statistics on how players are using games, Skillz removes these difficulties for developers. This enables game designers to keep doing what they do best, which is to concentrate on creating more fantastic games.

So, How Does Skillz Company Make Money?

Using the Skillz platform, players were able to compete in games with real money prizes. Each time they enter a game or tournament, participants must pay a fee. Nearly 15% of those payments go to Skillz, with the remaining amount going to incentives, prizes, and developer profit sharing. Skillz makes money from competition participation fees, corporate sponsorships, and in-game advertisements even though the platform is publicly traded.

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